Saturday, August 17, 2013

The turning of the year...

Over the years that I have written this blog, this image must have appeared before - you might think.  Pears on one of our two espaliered pear trees, a heavy crop.

Apples on the fan-trained Worcester, planted more than twenty years ago, again a bumper crop.

And the pear on the other side of the garden, again dripping with fruit, which won't be too long before it is ripening.
But here's the thing: last year there were only four pears on this tree - just four, because it was cold and wet when the blossom appeared.  This year, a different story.  And pears do not keep: once they are ripe they must be eaten. 
I always wonder what it would have been like for those living in earlier centuries.  How would they have dealt with such enormous seasonal variation?  I guess that is where the expression "a feast or a famine" comes from - they would have starved.
There's certainly something autumnal about today, but at least this year we have had a summer before the year turned.



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kristieinbc said...

I envy you your fruit trees! If you have an abundance of pears you could make pear sauce - it's just like applesauce. I have also canned and dehydrated pears in the past. It is a shame they don't keep we'll like apples. Enjoy!