Friday, July 05, 2013

Fields of Gold 2

While away, I had plenty of time to knit on my Star Leaves shawl.  Non-lace-knitters were impressed by my ability to chat while knitting row after row of apparently complex lace.  Of course, most of the pattern rows consisted of two or three simple elements repeated many times, with the stitches already on the needle making it clear what was to happen next, with no need for the chart.  It was a different story when I started the first rows of this shawl, but the final rows were simply long.

Once off the needles, the shawl still looked less than impressive.

However, a little bath and some gentle blocking produced this.

Here it is being worn by the sofa in our livingroom.

And a truer representation of the lovely colours.

I bought this at Easter from the Wool Clip at Caldbeck.  It is a blend of silk and Bluefaced Leicester.  When I saw the skein, I just had to have it, although I usually choose blues and purples.   For under twenty pounds, this was a very satisfying knit and produced a lovely shawl.

In Cumbria, we tackled a walk we have been looking at for some time: up the ridge including Ladyside Pike and along the top of Hopegill Head.  A long steady climb brought the summit into view.  We sat and ate our sandwiches.  There did appear to be a path at the base of the cliff that gave access to Hopegill Head, but how did it cross the face?  Wainwright described it as "excellent", so we gave it a go.  As we scrambled up near-vertical slabs of rock, we wondered what his version of "terrifying" would be.  However, hearts pounding, we managed it.  We did notice that most of the other walkers were using different routes along the top.

Views of Ladyside Pike with Hopegill Head behind.  Note the steep cliffs to the left of Hopegill.
View back down from Ladyside Pike.

View from the ridge path just below Whiteside.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You always make me feel so wimpy !
The beautiful lacy knitting is impressive enough ... but scrambling up cliffs before tea is breathtaking !!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That shawl is lovely m'dear!

Funny you should say that about the non-lace knitters, I've written a post, to be published tomorrow, about why lace knitting shouldn't be scary.