Monday, June 10, 2013


This week I learnt a new skill: weaving on a wire warp.  Melinda Berkowitz was running a workshop as part of the textile festival at the Warner Textile Archive.  First we hammered in tacks to make a simple loom.  Then we wound the warp around the tacks.  After that it was child's play to weave yarn of different textures, using a tapestry needle.

 Here, I'm aiming at a beach landscape, and have incorporated a piece of beach glass to add authenticity.  It's not finished yet of course, but I am quite pleased with it.  I say "Quite pleased" because I am struck by my lack of visual memory when I start something like this.  Does the sand get darker or lighter to give an illusion of distance?  I should have used a photograph as a guide.

Saturday to Cambridge, which is an hour's drive away.  When I was eighteen I had an interview for admission to Newnham.  I clearly remember wandering around the open market in the centre and seeing a stall selling sheepskins.  I remember buying a pair of blue tights, which I was very fond of.
Cambridge is still a delight for a little light browsing, as the presence of so many students  - and tourists - fosters all knds of arty shops which you don't see elsewhere.

Everywhere you look are little architectural details from older times.

And, of course, there are lots of lovely places to eat - my favourite being Michaeljohn, a converted church.  This is a theme we've been seeing a lot recently.

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Christine said...

I have been to Cambridge three times and love it for the same reasons you do. Utterly charming. Thank you for the pictures!