Friday, May 24, 2013

First Fruits


This week we ate the first of the lettuces grown on from seedlings.  Odd how lettuce seems to be frost-resistant.  I had thought this might have the bitter taste red lettuces sometimes have, but in fact it was tender and sweet.

Yesterday I made the first batch of jam this year: rhubarb and ginger.  I remember eating this at my grandmother's house, but I have never made it before.  One kilo of rhubarb with a kilo of jam sugar and some preserved ginger.  It was very easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious.

This is the Spectra scarf by Stephen West.  I used Noro Silk Garden Lite in an odd colourway where the second skein suddenly included a bright orange - I left it out.  Now the puzzle is to work out how to wear this, as, of course, it twirls around.  Looks spectacular though, and would be an ideal way to use up two skeins  of lovely yarn bought on impulse.

My new project is just up and running, speaking of lovely skeins.  I bought this at The Woolclip at Caldbeck at Easter. It has a large element of silk in the mix so that the colours really glow.   Something with leaves, I thought, and downloaded the pattern for the Star Leaves shawl by Jennifer Johnson Johnen.

This is Estonian lace, and even the explanations for the abbreviations had me foxed.  But the wonders of the Internet are boundless.  On the Ravelry KAL for the shawl, some kind soul has uploaded a little video tutorial on the unfamiliar stitches - taking the picture herself by holding the camera under her chin while filming.  Truly amazing and very helpful. 

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Thelma Crape said...

Lovely! Well done.