Thursday, January 03, 2013


Together with more visitors to the blog, I seem to have gathered some rather odd spam.  One of these sounded like a comment, warning me of the dangers of becoming too personal in my posts - to the point that another kind soul reassured me that she enjoyed hearing my opinions.  Quite why I am a target audience for on-line supplies of valium and viagra I do not know.

My last FO - a cowl and hat for me, using a different colourway of the James C Brett Marble chunky.  This was a very satisfying knit, the cowl on a long circular in bands of moss stitch and stocking stitch and the hat in K2P2 rib, which makes for a snug fit.  The colour variations are more subtle than shown here.

We had the sort of quiet Christmas a deux that those with extended families to entertain dream of - pheasant for lunch, smoked salmon for supper, game of Scrabble, glass of wine....  But, as usual, be careful what you wish for.  With rain almost every day we reached the point where a trip to the supermarket became a treat rather than a chore.

New Year's Day saw us driving up to Felixstowe to lunch with old friends who were staying there.  We lunched at the Ferry Boat Inn which was doing roaring trade serving the hundreds of walkers making the most of the sunlight.  Outside, the air was bracing to say the least.

This rather unusual structure is Martello tower U, now a private residence.  How wonderful to live so close to the lapping of the waves in a structure which has endured since Napoleon was a threat.

Finally, a wonderful sunrise, promising better things weather wise?



kristieinbc said...

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2013 has a little less moisture in it than 2012!

I get those spam comments sometimes too. I really don't want to enable the word verification thingy though. If it keeps happening I might have to. Right now I just keep removing each comment as it appears.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes get weird spam comments, which seem to be made up of random phrases from the post! I love the hat and cowl - unfortunately I can't wear woolly hats, as they make me itch.

Anonymous said...
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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sorry ! I think it goes "Red sky at night , shepherds' delight . Red sky at morning , shepherds' warning .
Mind you , being able to see the sky , free of cloud cover , is a delight in itself these days .