Friday, December 02, 2011

Penny pinching

This week, a consultation with a financial advisor - a process I hate.  He needs a clear idea of my regular expenditure in order to advise me.  We run through what I spend on bills and petrol.  He comes to "entertainment".  I have nothing to say.  How to explain to someone the pleasure to be had from popping across to the Coop and finding the week's meat at half-price, or snagging a bargain in a charity shop?

I went off shopping on Tuesday, thinking vaguely that a brown coat would be nice, brown with a fur collar like the one I had ten years ago.  It would go well with my Autumn Leaves mittens.  But shops almost never have the thing you are actually looking for, especially if the colour or style is not of the moment.  But there, in a charity shop, was the exact coat I was thinking of.  It was brand new, but had no sign of a label that I could see.  It was lined with brown fur fabric and, curiously, had pockets on the inside too.  But it was said to be a much smaller size than I need.  However, it fitted like a glove.

Further inspection at home revealed that the label was in the pocket, because it was made to be reversible, so that the brown fur could be worn on the outside. Perhaps this is to allow for cold or rainy days. It explains the second set of pockets, too.  All this for ten pounds!

At the top, my most recent bauble, this time fitted over a styrofoam ball, which gives a better shape. This is destined for the Secret Santa at my local Guild, where I suspect there will be more than a few interpretations of this idea. 


kristieinbc said...

Well done on such a great thrift store find! I don't seem to do as well when I shop at the thrift stores. The Christmas bauble is cute. I am almost tempted to try knitting one myself, but am afraid to dive into my stash to find the yarn. Way too confronting! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a bargain. Isn't it annoying when you know exactly what you want, but the shops don't have it!!

Mary Lou said...

I never get that lucky! Your financial person should at least understand that bargain.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

what a find !!
just tell the financial adviser that , by wearing it indoors , you could cut down on heating bills .
well , he might believe it .... ?

colleen said...

Your idea of entertainment is rather familiar! And you're right - not everyone really gets it, do they?