Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spun yarn

A second royal sampler, this time simpler in its sentiments, but dense with symbolism.  Note the orb and sceptre, along with the symbols for the various nations, and the abbey itself - quite an ambitious design.  Given how old this already is, the lightness and brightness of the colours is quite surprising.  Does it capture the optimistic mood of the 1950s?  Well, certainly there was a less cynical view of the monarchy just then than there is now. A case of too much information, perhaps.

This may not look like much, but it is the first yarn I have ever spun, using a drop spindle and knitted as singles.  I was quite surprised by how even the finished piece looked, given the unevenness of the yarn.  The lighter colour is part of the Suffolk fleece I bought some years ago, while the dark is a Shetland sample. 

And here, two skirts, made from the Linton tweed fabric bought from the factory shop in Carlisle in February.  I have already worn the black and white one which is light and airy.  I still think it looks like tower blocks as seen from a ring road.  The speckled section is a raffia type yarn, with lots of protruding ends forming a pile.  Consequently some of the bands were less stable than others in the sewing, although it made up easily enough.  I imagine wearing this with black tights and a solid colour jacket. 

The red has been made up for my elder sister, at her request.  It is a mix of black and red threads to give a rich deep red, but it is  loosely woven.  I could envisage it snagging quite easily in wear.  Did Chanel worry about issue like these, I wonder?

Today, to the allotment, to plant leeks and parsnips, our onions already in.  Such a bright sunny day that we were able to  eat lunch on the patio, as we were on Friday.  In between, Saturday was raw and cold again.  Watching Mike Leigh's "Another Year" last night gave a whole new layer of meaning to the allotment visit. 

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Anonymous said...

Please don't talk about the embroidery being old - it is slightly younger than me!!