Thursday, November 04, 2010


A brillant, cheery bouquet, sent to me by an old friend.

 Blogger thinks that this is my hundredth post, but I know better.  In the early days, I inadvertently posted an empty title and then the post in a second try.  However, It was my birthday this week - the sort of birthday which makes you think: "Where has all that time gone?"  Then you have to ward off your Larkinesque tendencies; "Life is first boredom and then fear"etc...

A new topic:  My husband's woodwork.  This miniature chest of drawers was made for me some twenty-five years ago.  It is of the genre sometimes called "prentice pieces", but his skills were already pretty well honed when he made this.

It is of mahogany and veneered in mahogany to make a feature of the flaming on the front.  a
Note the full-sized chair legs behind.

 The top opens to access the upper drawers: who would not be charmed irresistibly to find their initial inside?

 The lower drawers work as drawers.  Here, the dovetails are in evidence - he always checks the dovetails on old furniture; they are a mark of quality.

In fact, the only things which have not worn well are the handles, and he didn't make those.

This is last week's skirt, in that heavy, felted fabric.  The selvedges had this unusual feature: it is on a knitted base which has a two-way stretch, so turning it sideways should not cause an issue.  I am very pleased with this, although it is so thick it will be for cold days.

This year's present from my husband: Fiskars' dress-making scissors.  I chose these because they do actually fit my hand, an ergonomic design.  He is at work on a long-term woodwork project, on a larger scale.

Finally, an autumnal bouquet from my niece; all the lovely rich colours of the autumn.


Rooie said...

Many happy returns of the day! We share a birthday week. And even though birthdays at my age are not the fun events they are when one is a kid, I have to say that mine was just lovely this year. I'm glad your was too.

I love the little chest. My grandfather made each of his daughters similar small chests, though no initials were included. That's lovely.

kristieinbc said...

Happy birthday! That chest is beautiful. Your husband is very talented!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! The flowers are beautiful - I love having flowers in the house. Your husband's woodwork is fantastic. Enjoy your new scissors!!

colleen said...

Belated birthday wishes. I hope you gave your husband a penny for those scissors!

colleen said...

PS Can't help thinking that skirt looks fab on - rally rather gorgeous fabric.