Friday, October 15, 2010

Old Beams

I'm currently embarked upon an Aeolian shawl, using this glorious laceweight silk, bought at the i-knit Weekender.    What really strikes me about this, apart from the lovely colour mix, is the label.  This must be an American import but the silk is said to be from Switzerland.  So this yarn has crossed the Atlantic twice, at the very least.  Henry's Attic and Cherry Tree Hill both appear on the label, leaving me not much wiser.  Since I try not to buy air-freighted veg, it does seem that we might need to invent the concept of yarn-miles.

Last week the Clock Tower and now the National Trust property in the village: Paycockes' house.  This is a wonderful mediaeval merchant's house, the exterior covered in very intricately carved beams.  It is an astonishing survival, since less than twenty years ago, the main A120 thundered past it, bringing huge lorries through from Harwich.  Houses lining the route were blackened with road dirt, and it was not unusual for buildings to be nudged when two juggernauts met.

The lovely linen-fold panelling on the doors guarded by these mysterious figures.

Every small section bears its elaborate decoration; it's a treasure-trove of detailed imagery, and a constant delight, as every time you look, there's something more to see.

And what might these be?  They are Pocket Book Slippers - see Ravelry .  You insert your foot into one side and the ribbing stretches to become a Mary Jane type slipper. Not a very substantial slipper granted, but one for indoors on a cold night, or for hotel rooms. 

These were knit from two skeins of Art Yarns sent to me as a reward for knitting little hats for the Innocent Smoothies campaign, by someone called Amelia.  It is lovely smooth hand-painted yarn, but each skein is unique, as can actually be seen here, in the more yellowed and muted colours of the left hand slipper.


ADonald466 said...

When we were in Australia, I bought some lovely merino yarn .... only to find it had been imported from Canada!!!

jeanfromcornwall said...

The house is truly glorious - and unusually straight in its lines for timber framing of that age. Would the carving have been painted in colours when it was new? Imagine that!

kristieinbc said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! I guess it would have been harder for you to make a no phones rule at the table since they weren't your children. And like you, I would have found it very annoying.

You have lovely pictures on your blog, and it sounds like you have a wonderful market where you live. I would love to have access to all of those different cheeses!

Pamela said...

Just today I checked your blog--as my (at last) completed Aeolian Shawl is having its post-cast-off bath! I wish you much pleasure in the knitting. I think if I ever repeat it, it will be by substituting larger beads for the nupps, which I find incredibly frustrating to execute. But I look forward to its glory after blocking. Have a wonderful aieolian adventure...