Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Harvests

Opal Socks

A pair of socks knitted in an Opal yarn I had not seen before.  Curiously, each colourway has the name of a Prince or Princess.  They are lovely colour combinations, richer in the yarn than in the photo.  In Selestat, in Alsace, I saw some yarn which produced a chequer board pattern.  These don't do that but they are more subtle than some self-patterning yarns.

The blue version has very small pink sections.  I chose to make the heel speckled, by selecting some from further though the ball.  The yarn has very clear colour repeats.

This week's dress-making features a lovely piece of tweed with a mid-brown base and pale blue and purple checks.  I bought this skirt-length in a sale in  Stratford some years ago: two lengths for £10.  This skirt has a pleat in the back to allow a bit more leg room - essential for getting into the car.  I am really enjoying getting back into sewing but it will take a while to build up my repertoire again. 

As a teenager, I made all my clothes using the hand sewing machine belonging to my mother.  She had bought it second-hand for thirty shillings - that is £1.50.  On it she made all our childhood dresses.  I recently came across the notebook in which my friend and I kept a record of what we made and where the fabric came from.  In the 60s it was still possible to buy fabric and all the notions more cheaply than you could buy ready-made clothes.  This would be a challenge today.  Fortunately, I have a stock of lovely fabric to work through.

Today was our shared day off, so my husband and I went up to our allotment.  Harvesting carrots, swede, leeks and using our own potatoes and onions I made soup for lunch.  Simple pleasures.


Denise said...

Both your socks look very nice. I'm trying to get back into my sewing as well.

Alltangledup said...

i really like that second sock. Do you remember which Opal print it is?

My mom used to make a lot of our clothes when we were growing up too. It was cheaper than store bought, esp. when she could find interesting prints on sale or in the remnants. These days, dress making is far more expensive, unless you're making a ball gown.

tea and cake said...

Hi, thanx for visiting my blog - I love your blog!
Just off for a bath before Spooks starts but, I will be back.
ps - I love your knitting.