Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Bloom

Wisteria in full bloom in our garden, strangely paler than we remember it from other years.  The hot weather saw us eating lunch at the bottom of our garden where the trees provide shade.  Although our house is in the middle of a village at the front, the back is one house away from open country.  We are watching with amazement as a pair of blackbirds attempt to rear a brood in a rambling rose, in full view of hungry, prowling cats.

A third Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clarke, this time in laceweight.  In fact, I started this one first, then lost heart as it seemed to take forever and I was concerned that it would be too small to be of any use.  It is knit in cashmere laceweight from Devon Fibres who were doing brisk trade at the i-knit London wool fair.  Now it is complete, it has a lovely drape to it and the extra repeats make it more than just a shoulder shawl.

Last, a blaze of glory from the laburnum at the end of the garden, above my husband's workshop.  It is doubly precious to him as his mother raised it from a seedling at their old family home.


Raveller said...

Ah, wisteria. Ours was pale this year too. Sometimes the frost nips it before it can bloom and we don't get anything.

I know what you mean about the swallowtail just being a shoulder shawl. How many extra repeats did you do?

Pat said...

All 3 of your Swallowtail shawls are gorgeous! I have only made one, but it is a favorite.

PS - thank you for the nice compliment on my Skew socks - it was a fun way to use up some of my variegated sock yarn stash!

ADonald466 said...

Hi Shandy, thanks for visiting and asking about the shawl. It is much shorter in the front, which is why I can't decide it it's a scark or a shawl!! I increased on every row - on row one yf, k1, yf at the centre stitch, then on row 2, k1 p1 into the yf. I love your versions of the swallowtail - I've done one in laceweight, so it is just a shoulder shawl - but very pretty. Regards, Anne