Thursday, January 07, 2010

Does the road wind uphill all the way?

Wintry walk up Sale Fell in Cumbria.  At the snicket leading to the fell we were met by a rugged-looking chap with a young collie dog.  He was wearing crampons.  It was treacherous up there, he said, and we should put on our crampons if we had them.   We pondered on this for a moment or two, then gave it a go.  Packed snow on the paths had turned to ice, but we were fine on all but the lonning at the back of the
hill where water was running over the ice.


Another day;another frosty scene.  Bitterly cold wind and a white frost in the sunlight, even at noon.  This is the remains of a salt-pan at Crosscanonby, just below the Roman Fort.

Finally, some knitting.  The last strip of my cabled throw is now half-done.  I summoned the resolve to experiment by opening up the cables to produce the serpent's head, then embellishing with a few embroidered details to add the eye, ear and lip.  I'm still wondering about fangs.  The serpent is to be imagined chasing the two bodied beast ahead of it.  These are all very simple cable designs, but copied directly from details of the Viking Cross at Gosforth. Cumbria.  This new spell of snow and enforced idleness
should see this project complete.

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