Sunday, October 04, 2009

Design features

Working on the blond strips for the Celtic throw.  I tried a more complex cable, but it needed something simpler and more logitudinal. 

Barbara Walker's "Treasury" is a fantastic resource, not only for the stitch patterns but for the historical notes.

This is a pair of uneven cables, which she decribes as a kind of ancestral cable, in which two stitches are crossed behind four each time, giving a smoother, more stream-lined effect.  In the centre, Jacob's Ladder, again a traditional element.

Today, I gathered what must surely be the last of the blackberries and a clutch of apples from the hedge.  Carrying those and the handful of taters we had unearthed while digging over the potato patch, we enjoyed the rare October sunshine.

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Jane and Paddy said...

I do love seeing your creativity and the rootedness of the knitting, growing and cooking you do. You don't overtly say anything about the meditative or spiritual experience of these things, but to me there's not only a rootedness but a centredness about it.
We too took advantage of the beautiful day here on Saturday. Autumn fruiting raspberries on the allotment and leaves and birds at Leighton Moss RSPB reserve,