Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rochester Mittens

Six pairs of mittens for a charity appeal based in Rochester, N.Y.

I was inspired to knit these by two things. One, a comment on my blog by a librarian in Rochester blogging as Just Another Raveler. She went on to post a wonderful image of blue hostas just for me. I'm a sucker for the enthusiastic response, which seems to me more American than British.

Secondly, the fact that I had bought a giant ball of blue wool from the stock of a wool shop which Kerrie and her partner at Hipknits had bought in Scotland and shipped down. I picked this up really cheaply. It's only 20% wool but the rest is Courtelle and it certainly has a lovely handle.

I was reminded, as I knit the pair with the star design from Sheila Mcgregor's Fair Isle knitting patterns book, just how motivating it is to knit simple geometric designs.

The story on the appeal references the work of one Mrs Nellis in 1933 organising a drive for knitted clothes in Rochester. I am surprised that there is the same need in 2008, but it appears to be so.


Raveller said...

Well, what can I say but thank you very much for your care and generosity, Shandy! They are beautiful mittens and will be very welcome here in cold Western New York.

Just to clear things up, The picture Mrs. Nellis is from the the collection of the Rochester Public Library, but it isn't directly linked to the 1930's drive. She probably did charity knitting during WWI. I just love the expression on her face! I came across another picture of her today in which she is standing on her porch with a broom and a dust cloth, but wearing a very fine shawl! Stayed tuned. Helen

Callie said...

Great mittens! The link you posted has too many "http:/"s to work properly without fiddling with the address.