Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kaffe Revisited

This lively jacket demonstrates the inventiveness of Kaffe Fassett at his best, in "Glorious Knitting."

It is shown again in "Kaffe at the Vand A", and really demonstrates how a simple stripe pattern comes alive with fluctuating colour ranges. I knit this for my sister many years ago, largely from the leftovers of the dark version of the Pompeii Jacket. I like Rowan yarns, but not the price of them , so this is entirely knit in oddments from a yarn shop in Tiptree - single balls of unusual eveningy yarns. And I do believe that there is enough still leftover to knit another whole jumper.

I do agree with whoever it was recently who called their stash a resource, rather than seeing it as a burden. Unless you don't feel able to buy new yarn until you have used up what is in store, I think stocks of yarn should be an inspiration.

A close-up of the toothed stripe waistcoat I was wearing for the Kaffe event. It was knit in Shetland wools from Jamieson and Smith, at least twenty years ago as a gift for my mother. What gives it life is not only the movement created by the flickering teeth, which are knit randomly, but also the addition of occasional bright blues and purples alongside the browns and greens.

I do think his new book, "Kaffe Knits Again", is a pale reflection of former glory. The sheer inventiveness of "Glorious Knitting" and the wonderful aesthetic feast of the V and A book really point this up. He may be right that throws and scarves are more likely to appeal, but surely the use of more subtle palettes would make the cardigans and jumpers more timeless and less obviously 80s.


Anonymous said...

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Jane and Paddy said...

Hello Ann - great to see your picture, even though I can't see your face gazing on Kaffe Fassett. Your work looks absolutely splendid, and I want to advertise to you the Quaker Tapestry in Kendal, where the textile diplay is pretty stunning, and the content spiritually uplifting. One of the panels was embroidered in Hemel Hempstead. I haven't done our profile yet, but have just found out how to put in pictures on our blog.

Raveller said...

Beautiful! And I very much applaud your use of leftovers and your comments about the stash being a resource. I love the challenge of knitting with what I have, what is on sale an what I can afford. If done thoughtfully, the final product can be simply brilliant as you have demonstrated.

Mary Lou said...

What beautiful 'kaffe' inspired projects. I, too, like the idea of the stash as resource. Although I must say that I buy less yarn than I did years ago, mostly because I seem to know now that there will always be another nice yarn coming along.

pog said...

I still wear the 'lively' jacket! Looks great over black on cold winter evenings!