Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Finished objects

So long since I last updated. The Print of the Wave stole is complete - as I predicted, it became a rather tedious knit over the final two foot or so. Then there was the mystery of how to complete the final corners and border.

At last I reached blocking, often the moment of revelation with lace. It went well, although perhaps the weight of the yarn prevented it being as elastic as a laceweight might have been. Now, of course, I can't decide if it looks like a bedjacket or a thing of beauty.

Since then, I've knitted five hats for the Dulaan appeal and three in plain Aran for the Cancer Research fair. I've knitted five little reindeer inserts for cards and two pairs of thrummed mittens, just to experiment with using raw fleece.

I'm almost finished knitting up the blue tweed yarn I bought at Ally Pally. It's "my own design" in that I have no pattern, but it is really just make it up as you go along: a plain cardigan with moss stitch borders and collar.
I was determined not to put the yarn in the back of the cupboard because it may never have seen the light of day again. It's a tad scratchy.

Next project? Could it be finishing the taupe jumper? Or shall I experiment with mittens in tapestry yarn?

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