Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Aye, it were a reet good do. The crack were grand and as for t'la'al hoggs, well, Ah've niver seen sae menny in yan place like.

The money that was changing hands! And when you think that farmers are paid £1.50 per fleece by the Wool Board, then a little more dependent on the market. That's per fleece! In 2000 we were amazed to hear of wool being dumped in the sea in Shetland, and we saw some being burnt in a quarry in Cumbria.

The Fest itself was a sensory delight: so many colours and lovely textures. In a way it was less amazing than last year just because of the repetition. But to see so many enthusiasts under one roof was a joy.

What did I buy? One back issue of Interweave Knits, and two beautiful glass buttons, iridescent, with metallic dragonflies. Just lovely. Then we went off up Fleetwith Pike and breathed the sweet mountain air just as the football was starting.

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