Sunday, June 18, 2006

Finished object.

At last I have a finished project, started and finished after my hand surgery.

I bought two balls of Jaeger silk, in a light turquoise, on e-bay, largely on the strngth of seeing Wendy knit a top in the same yarn. It's quite a heavy yarn without much lustre, but the thought that it was 11.50 per ball originally does create a sense of luxury.

I've knitted a scarf in travelling vine pattern and,although it is heavy for a summer scarf, the colour is light and summery. More than that, of course, is the relief of being able to knit at all.


nanatoo said...

Hello, it's Tina from knit group. I came to find you :) My blog is new and I haven't knit much this past fortnight but please come and visit, I promise I'll have something to show soon.

The knit group blog is at: and we post anything like date changes on there so keep an eye on it. See you soon! :D

nanatoo said...

No it isn't!! It's
I'm tired :)

LindaS said...

Hi Anne
Braintree Knit

Its Linda. If you would still like a fleece would you like to come and pick it up so you can start on it quicker.

shandy said...

Hi Linda.
Great meeting you last night.Would I like to pick up a fleece? Just tell me how to get there and I'll be there. Nothing like striking while the whim takes me. I don't know how else to contact you. Hope you see this message.

nanatoo said...

Anne, I'm finding a way to get you and Linda together without you having to put personal details online. Will you email me at Then I'll get you to Linda :)